STEPWISE – MSE Contribution, available soon!

Finally, the book “Technology Development for Security Practitioners” that containes STEPWISE MSE paper has been announced on the Springer website!

This volume is authored by a mix of global contributors from across the landscape of academia, research institutions, police organizations, and experts in security policy and private industry to address some of the most contemporary challenges within the global security domain. The latter includes protection of critical infrastructures (CI), counter-terrorism, application of dark web, and analysis of a large volume of artificial intelligence data, cybercrime, serious and organised crime, border surveillance, and management of disasters and crises. This title explores various application scenarios of advanced ICT in the context of cybercrime, border security and crisis management, serious and organised crime, and protection of critical infrastructures. Readers will benefit from lessons learned from more than 30 large R&D projects within a security context. The book addresses not only theoretical narratives pertinent to the subject but also identifies current challenges and emerging security threats, provides analysis of operational capability gaps, and includes real-world applied solutions.

The official pubblication is the 6 May 2021, which is indicated on the series listing page.

Official link

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