CS Group

Country: France

CS GROUP – France is a large and very innovative company based in Paris – France, with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, as well as in North America, and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

Prime contractor for the design, integration, and operation of intelligent & cyber-protected mission-critical systems, CS is a partner of choice in the sectors of defense and security, space, as well as aeronautics, energy, and industry. Acknowledged as a very innovative company, CS participates in numerous French competitiveness clusters, as well as European Commission and ESA programs.

CS’ Defense & Security Business Unit provides its systems and products to major organizations such as Civil Security, ENSOSP, Police forces and ministries of Defence all over the world, DGA, Nexter, RUAG, Indra, Naval Group, Thales, Leonardo, Airbus, Saab, ESA, Sagem, NATO, IBM, EDF, CEA, EDF, TechnicAtome, Civil Airports, ANSPs, etc.

In May 2020, CS’ Defense Business Unit merged with DIGINEXT, its prestigious 100% owned subsidiary, to form a European leader employing 700 experts in the field of Defense and Security.  Created in 1996 with the ambition to invent, develop and offer next-generation products blending both real and virtual worlds for critical mission planning, training and assistance to mobile users, DIGINEXT (www.diginext.fr) is internationally recognized for its capacity to innovate, its S&T excellence as well as for both the quality and performance of its products for the Security, Defense, Industry, and Transport sectors

CS’ Defense & Security Business Unit is today in charge of major projects such as the design, development, and deployment of:

  • Tactical and X-Reality training systems for civil security organization and military forces.
  • X-Reality Training systems for complex operation such as the maintenance of aircrafts for Airbus or helicopters for the European Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation (OCCAR).
  • Surveillance, protection and defense systems for critical infrastructures (nuclear power plants, harbors, water distribution networks, telecommunication infrastructures, military sites…) exploiting the Digital Twin concept
  • The French MoD Counter-UAV systems.
  • Air Traffic Control Towers and Approach Control Centers for French Air Forces and Civil Airports (Paris CDG, Orly, Le bourget…) including 360° training simulators.
  • Voice Communication Systems for French Air Forces, NATO as well as for Civil Air Navigation Service Providers (France, Switzerland…).

Point of contact: stepwise@csgroup.eu

Crisisplan BV

Country: The Netherlands

Crisisplan B.V. is an independent consultancy firm founded in 2001, focusing on crisis management. It provides crisis management training, simulations and educational courses, in both public and private sectors, using practical experience tied with academic perspectives.

Point of contact: Arjen Boin – boin@crisisplan.nl

European Organisation for Security

Country: Belgium

The European Organisationfor Security (EOS) was created in 2007 by European private sector providers from all domains of security solutions and services. Its members represent all relevant domains of the economy (ICT-Information and Communication Technologies, European research, cyber-security, border management, urban security and crisis management) across 14 different European countries.

EOS’ main objective is the development of an harmonised European security market in line with political, societal and economic needs through the efficient use of budgets. EOS works towards achieving a better level of technology independence for European strategic autonomy, supporting the development and use of European reference solutions and growth of a genuine European industry.

EOS represents the interests and expertise of its 45 Members involved in providing security technology Solutions and Services from 14 different European countries. We provide to our Members synergetic added valueacross different sectors, where single Member, for different reasons, cannot provide alone a European impact.

Point of contact: Elodie.reuge@eos-eu.com and Maria.properzi@eos-eu.com

Link Campus University –LCU

Country: Italy

Link Campus University (LCU)is a non-state public university that is legally recognized by the Italian University Regulations. LCU’s mission is to promote research, studies and training activities. The main goals are the development and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of Economics, International and Political Relations, Business Organization, Communication, Legal matters and all other disciplines of socio-economic, artistic, cultural, environmental and health related bases. The vision of Link Campus University is to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills in a challenge world. Howeverthe University operates in Italy and collaborates with local government bodies of the country transferring expertise in Local government and Training issues.

Link Campus University also has identified the activities related to Startup and entrepreneurship as strategic areas.The university signed an agreement with five national and international Startups accelerators (iStarter, Invent, Capitol One, Marzotto Venture, Roma Startup) in order to create knowledge and make experience in the startup ecosystem. Link Campus University has created the “startup gym” which carries out training and coaching days dedicated to students and to young people who want to develop abusiness idea.

Point of contact: research@unilink.it

The French Ministry of Interior

Country: France

The French Ministry of Interior is at the heart of the French administration. It constitutes the main governmental body for guaranteeing citizens’ Rights, Duties and Freedoms.

The FMI is responsible to protect the population against risks or plague of any kind and against the consequences of a possible conflict. In this capacity, it manages, among others, the law-enforcements forces (The French Police, the French Gendarmerie) and the civil defence and crisis management force (the Firefighters).


Belgian Federal Police Counter Terrorism Unit

Country: Belgium

The DSU unit is the Belgian Federal Police counter terrorism unit.This unit depends of one of the General Directorate of Judicial Police. DSU carries out mission’son the whole Belgian territory and consists of a central directorate and four decentralized and regionally build up DSU platoons, the so-called POSA units(Protection, Observation, Support, Arrest).

The DSU is deployed in cases of terrorism, kidnapping, hostage taking, extortion and other forms of serious crime.

DSU is also deployed in rescue operations on land, air and sea. Besides the classic management services, the DSU unit consists of intervention units, surveillance units, technical units and an undercover team

Point of contact: Jean-Noel.Lecomte@police.belgium.eu

The Netherlands Police

Country: The Netherlands

The Netherlands Police (NP) are responsible for the primary policing tasks: crime prevention, the investigation of crime, the maintenance of legal and public order and assistance to citizens in need of help.

Point of contact: iris.van.tulder@politie.nl

Center for Security Studies

Country: Greece

The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) is a think tank on homeland security policies and an established research center since 2005 (L. 3387/2005) within theMinistry of Citizen Protection (former Ministry of Public Order), aiming to support security policy implementations in Greece at a strategic level.

A main objective of KEMEA is to bring together all national Law Enforcement Agencies (Police, Fire Service, Coast Guard, Civil Protection agency, etc.) enabling their collaboration, interconnecting them with corresponding agencies, research institutions and the industry from around Europe.

KEMEA currently employs 78 highly qualified and experienced researchers and Security experts, including 25 active officers from LEAs. These researchers and experts are specialized in various topics such as: Border Management and Surveillance, Smart Borders, Crisis Management, Emergency Response, GIS, Hazardous Materials, Information Security, Cyber Security, Information Systems, Telecommunications, Ad Hoc Networks, Civil Protection, Operational Readiness Exercises, Statistics, International Relations, Transportation Security and European Policy, etc.

Point of contact: g.kokkinis@kemea-research.gr